Are you just surviving in menopause, early menopause & Burnout?
I help women get up and thrive !

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      Are you struggling with a range of symptoms, like fatigue, insomnia, gut issues, brain fog and mood challenges.  I have helped hundreds of clients overcome health issues, emotional trauma and mindset blocks.  

      You might be here because you are going through Menopause in your late 40s-50s, or maybe you are here because you have been diagnosed with Early Menopause, Early Ovarian Failure or think you may be going through the Menopause early. 

      Some women breeze through menopause with no symptoms, others are bombarded. Yes your hormones are declining at this time of change, but did you know that the overall health and balance of your body can make a big difference to how you go through menopause and the amount of symptoms you have!

      • Are you having menopausal symptoms? These could be hot flashes, irregular periods (or a maybe your menstrual cycle has stopped too young) low libido, weight changes? Brain fog!
      • Do you feel low energy, have hair loss or weight changes?
      • Maybe you have trouble sleeping and don't have the get up and go you are used to?
      • Is your brain not as sharp as it used to be? Do you have memory loss?
      • How is your digestive system? Do you have constipation or IBS like symptoms, bloating, gas or indigestion?
      • Do you blame symptoms on menopause & don't really know what to do about them?
      • Do you just keep trying different supplements, hoping for the best?
      • Have you been dealing with chronic illness and things are not getting any better?

      The above symptoms are not necessarily all menopausal, they can also be hormonal imbalance adrenal (HPA Axis) dysfunction ( AKA Adrenal Fatigue) or thyroid imbalances, or gut infections, blood sugar imbalance or signs of nutrient deficiencies.

      As a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P) I work with the body as a whole. I  test I don't guess by using functional lab tests. These tests are generally not lab tests you get at the doctors.

      Functional lab tests are easy at home tests that can help us identify hidden health trends, nutritional deficiencies and imbalances in the body. So you don't waste time & money on quick fixes that don't work, or supplements you don't need.  By testing and not guessing we work out exactly what your body needs to get you back to feeling like you again!

      Most women suffer more symptoms through the lead up to Menopause which is called the  Peri - Menopause & can last 2 -10 years! Other women are post Menopausal and still struggling with symptoms, it doesn't have to be this way. 

      • Are struggling to feel good on hormone replacement therapy (HRT)?
      • Are you confused about hormones and if you want to go on them?
      • Have you come off the contraceptive pill and now have weird symptoms?
      • Are you trying for a baby and nothing is happening?
      • Are you feeling overwhelmed, anxious or full of grief?
      • Early menopause runs in your family and you want to check you are not heading there?

      There are many reason why women at this time in their life would like some support from a coach and this is where I come in.

      I went through Early Ovarian Failure in my early 30s, which pushed me into a premature menopause. So I know how it feels to go through menopause particularly at a younger age.

      I had lots of health issues around the time of my menopause and as I healed them my own symptoms reduced by around 96%.

      I've learnt a lot over the past 10 years that can help you not just survive through your own menopausal journey but get up and thrive.

      I work with women through my online clinic with 1-1 sessions and group programmes

      All sessions start with an informal chat to see if I am the right support for you on your healing journey - you can book your call here:


      Physically, I work with women using Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, (FDN).  FDN works with the principles of functional medicine, alongside a five pilar health system of Diet, Rest, Exercise, Supplementation & Stress reduction (D.R.E.S.S). Using Functional Lab Testing, I test , I don't guess. This approach allows us to identify where you may have imbalances in your body that are adding to your internal stress landscape and causing symptoms.  I offer group programmes, 1-1 coaching and testing packages or general coaching;

      I also support women through the emotional side of early menopause & menopause,  I recognised there was a huge need for this support. There is something about this time of change that can make us want to reassess our lives. Old trauma can surface! You could be grieving the end of your natural fertility. Areas in your life that are not right for you seem to get highlighted more. It is as if life is guiding you to a path more suited to you.  So let's get clear on what you want and release what no longer serves you.

      Using different supportive and releasing techniques & breathwork. I can help you to work through grief, anger, anxiety or past trauma. I can help you release old emotions, sabotaging behaviour and beliefs that simply do not serve you. In my experience with clients, when they released emotional suppression their experienced bigger health improvements. It takes a lot of energy to hold negative emotion in place. So le't release what is holding  you back.

       I suppose you could see me as a health detective, looking at all possible angles to get to the root cause of why you don't feel your best, we then work together using different tools, so you can get back to feeling your best self again.

      Menopause SOS Method™

      Do want to learn all you need to know about moving through menopause with ease? Do you want to run key functional tests and get individualised supplement programmes?

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      So many skin and hair care products are full of toxins that could be disrupting your hormone balance. I recommend a range of toxin free products

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      My Story

      Hello Ladies, I am Michelle Robinson an Early Menopause Expert.  I work with women of all ages & stages of menopause.

      I went through Menopause in my mid-30s, I know the ins and outs of what it means to go through the menopause and the struggles that can come with it.

      My vision is to educate, empower and uplift women going through menopause & early menopause.  Transforming through menopause  doesn't mean there is no room for grief or other rising emotions, it just means we feel our grief , fully and move forward without letting it weigh us down.

      Whether you are here, because you are super stressed and feeling burnt out or you suspect you are going through menopause or you have already gone through menopause and you are still struggling, I can help.

      Functional Diagnostic Nutrition & Menowise Coaching works on the body as a whole, not just physically but emotionally too. Supporting you to release, restore and renew inside and out.

      If you haven't downloaded my Menowise Guide above do so now, it explains more of how I can help you. Or join me on instagram, where I share other great info and we can get talking #earlymenopausecoach