I work with women physically and emotionally through early menopause & Burnout

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      I work with women who think they are going through burnout or have been diagnosed with Early Menopause, Early Ovarian Failure or think they may be going through the Menopause.

      Maybe you are here because you can relate to any of the below:

      • Do you find yourself experiencing unexplained changes in your body that you just can't seem to put your finger on?
      • Do your blood tests are normal, yet you don't feel normal?
      • Do you feel low energy, low labido, hair loss, weight changes?
      • Your menstrual cycle changed, is it lighter, heavier or non-existent?
      • Maybe you have trouble sleeping & just don't have the get up and go your used to?
      • Or is your brain just not as sharp as it used to be? Do you have memory loss?
      • Do you blame these changes on stress & don't really know what to do about them?
      • Do you feel completely burnt out and like you are not functioning at your optimum?
      • Or you have been dealing with chronic illness and things are not getting any better?
      • Do you have gut issues, IBS, bloating, gas or indigestion?

      Now don't panic the above symptoms of early menopause, can also be hormonal imbalance adrenal (HPA Axis) dysfunction ( AKA Adrenal Fatigue) or thyroid imbalances, or other imbalances in your body.  Which is why I love to test and & not guess.

      Through functional testing we can identify hidden health trends, nutritional deficiencies and imbalances in the body. So you don't waste time and money on quick fixes, that don't work or supplements you don't need.  By testing and not guessing we work out exactly what you need to get back to feeling like you again!

      Or maybe you are here because:

      • You have been diagnosed with Early Menopause, Premature Ovarian Insufficiency (POI) or Early Ovarian Failure (POF)?
      • You are struggling with HRT? Or you not sure you want to go on it?
      • You feel overwhelmed, anxious or full of grief?
      • You have come off the pill and now have weird symptoms?
      • You are trying for a baby and nothing is happening?
      • Early menopause runs in your family and you want to check you are not heading there?

      Early Menopause Coaching & Functional Diagnostic Nutrition can help you. I work with women online over Skype or zoom by guiding and empowering you to move through the emotional and physical phases of Early Menopause or burnout  with ease.

      Through group, self guided programs, 1-1 sessions and Functional Lab Testing, early menopause does not have to be a lonely road.

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      Physically, I work with women using Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, (FDN).  FDN works with the principles of functional medicine, alongside a five pilar health system of Diet, Rest, Exercise, Supplementation & Stress reduction (D.R.E.S.S). Using Functional Lab Testing, I test , I don't guess. This approach allows us to identify where you may have imbalances in your body that are adding to your internal stress landscape and causing symptoms. You can dive straight into your first foundational functional test with a HTMA package or an Early Menopause MOT. Click below to learn more.  You can then move on to a self guided programme or if you feel like you need more 1-1 support you can work with me through my personalised coaching packages. 

      I also support women through the emotional side of Early Menopause, using different supportive and releasing techniques to work through grief, anger, anxiety or past trauma. This emotional is also important to address at it could be contributing to  your health issues. No stone is left unturned in my sessions. I am a health detective, looking at all possible angles to get to the root cause,  so you have a clear path to get back to feeling like you again.


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      So many skin and hair care products are full of toxins that could be disrupting your hormone balance. I recommend a range of toxin free products

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      My Story

      Hello Ladies, I am Michelle Robinson your Early Menopause Coach & Burnout Guide.  I love what I do and I am on a mission to support women to not just survive but thrive through Early Menopause. My vision is to educate, empower and uplift women going through Early Menopause.  When changes in our body take us by surprise, they can be seen as a negative thing. Right now you are going through a major transformational change. So let's start embracing that. That doesn't mean there is no room for grief, it just means we feel our grief fully and move forward without feeling weighed down.

      Whether you are here, because you are super stressed and feeling burnt out or you suspect Early Menopause or have already been diagnosed, I can help you. Functional Diagnostic Nutrition & Early Menopause Coaching works on the body as a whole, not just physically but emotionally too. Supporting you to release, restore and renew inside and out. If you haven't downloaded my Early Menopause Guide above do so now, it explains more of how what I do can help you.