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Toxins cause hormonal havoc and this series helps you understand what toxins are and how they affect you. How you can identify where you have toxins in your life and how you can avoid them.

In the series you will receive a complementary checklist, so you can do a toxin audit on your life along with some other tips, to start cleaning up your body.

The healthier you are when we go into menopause the less menopausal symptoms you will have!  If you want to step into a healthier and happier menopause this free series is for you.

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This free Early Menopause Guide gives you the information you need to get a good understanding of how the functional healing model can support you.

Menopause is a time of transformation, stepping into a whole new you. My vision is that this transition is easy and that you feel empowered with the information you need.

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