Gut Health

All Health Begins in the Gut..

You will all have heard of the famous quote "all disease begins in the gut" by Hippocrates. Well in functional health we focus on bringing our body to full optimal health.

Your body is super intelligent and does so many jobs in every second that we don't even think about. Having said that, how we take care of ourselves can make a massive difference as to how our body functions.

One gift you can give yourself is getting your gut health into shape and this is really the number 1 place to start in hormonal health too.

What has gut health got to do with my hormones?

Everything! Firstly if you are loaded with parasites, infections, candida, worms, bacterial imbalance etc these will be causing internal stress on your system, which in turn causes extra work on your HPA Axis (think adrenal function) and then we start to see hormonal imbalance.

Remember stress is a big factor in all of health and there are both internal stressors and external stressor click here to read more on that.

So firstly, we want to clean up the gut of any of the above nasties. I use the GI Map - why because it gives so much information.  It's particularly great with hormone health because not only does it check the gut for over 45 markers. It also looks at enzyme levels. If you are low in enzymes and have infections you won't be getting the nutrients you need from the food you eat. Which then leads to nutritional deficiency, which then leads to symptoms. 

Not only this but the GI Map has a marker on there for Beta Glucouronidase - this is a bacteria that is part of the Estrobiome..

The Estro whatttttt....  It's part of our microbiome ladies, you have probably heard alot being spoken about good bacteria and the microbiome recently. Its all the rage right now. Why? Well because we are understanding more about this area and the effect on our health. We need the bacteria Beta Glucouronidase as this plays such an important role in our stage 3 detoxification of hormones. Too much of this BG and we could end up recirculating oestrogen. Which is not what we want to be doing.

Gut Health & Happy Hormones

Let's touch on serotonin, which is known as our happy hormone. Did you know that around 80% is actually made in the gut? Now if that is not an incentive to get your gut in to shape,  I don't know what is.  Interestingly there is a marker on the Dutch test that shows  the metabolite of serotonin to see if you are showing low or not.  If you are reading through this site you will probably be seeing a theme of just how comprehensive the tests I use in my clinic are. I really love tests that give you the best bang for your buck as they say.

If you want to get started on your Gut & Hormone Health you can book an initial call with me to discuss your best options of working with me.