Progesterone & Testosterone

It is not all about Oestrogen in Menopause, it is about balance of all our hormones!

So let's talk about progesterone and testosterone. As we need both to be in balance to feel good.


As we know is one of the first hormones to decline in the lead up to menopause, this decline can cause oestrogen dominance symptoms. You can read more about Oestrogen dominance here.

Progesterone is the hormone that raises in the second half of you menstrual cycle and can help in the early stages of pregnancy.

Symptoms of low progesterone can look like this:

Mood swings
Cant get to sleep
Heavy Period or very Light Period
Weight gain
Thyroid dysfunction

Some women chose to use natural progesterone creams when they see they are low in Progesterone or suffering from Oestrogen Dominance. These are plant based natural creams.

Other Women will chose to go down the HRT route to balance progesterone. It is often the progesterone that causes side effects in the HRT. So try different types if you choose to go down the HRT route.


We often see testosterone as a male hormone, but even as females we need our testosterone to be in balance with our other hormones. Testosterone gives us our oomph in life.

Some ladies have issues with testosterone, maybe they metabolise down the more alpha pathway ( you can see this on the Dutch test) causing anger issues, hair growing in the wrong places and acne.

Symptoms of low Testosterone 

Testosterone is produced in small amounts by the ovaries and adrenal glands. As the ovaries start to reduce their hormonal production testosterone can become low. 

Muscle weakness
low Libido
Sleep disturbances
Fertility issues
Weight issues
Lack of motivation

If you want to find out what is happening with your hormonal balance, the best test to do is a Dutch Test. Its a simple at home urine sample and gives you a really good picture of what is happening in your adrenal and hormonal health.