Coaching Sessions


In our coaching sessions I use the the FDN approach, which is based on the principles of functional medicine. This model identifies hidden health trends, nutritional deficiencies and imbalances in the body. This holistic approach also takes into account bodily systems including Hormonal, Immune, Digestive, Detoxification, Emotional  and Neurological (H.I.D.D.E.N)

Internal imbalances cause stress on the body and create symptoms. These imbalances can be similar or overlap with menopausal symptoms, causing some women to suffer badly in their menopausal years. It is not uncommon for HRT to be seen as the solution. However, this is not always the case as some menopausal symptoms are caused by other issues in the body and when we get to the root cause of these problems, symptoms fall away.

As an FDN Practitioner, I am like a health detective, digging deeper to get to the root cause of your symptoms. Supporting you back to balance, so that you can have the healthiest Menopause possible.  I have been trained, not to just read, but fully interpret functional lab testing, personalised to you. So you get the help that your body needs. Not that every-body needs.

Internal Stress is not just caused by physical issues it can be emotional too.

I am also fully trained in advanced emotional healing techniques, so we can work through any emotional trauma, grief, lack of purpose, lowered resilience or heightened anxiety, and other issues that can surface in menopause. 

I work with a hybrid model of 1-1 sessions and some self learn modules, which enables me to give you all the knowledge you need to take care of your body, whilst running functional testing to get to the underlying cause of imbalance. 

If you would like to understand more or how I can help you, book a free call now. 


Starts with an Menowise MOT.  After all you get your car checked out annually. Why wouldn't you get your body checked out? This is an in-depth 90-minute session all about you.

When was the last time that a health practitioner, focused purely on you  for 90 minutes? In this session you will recieve a few questionnaires so we can dig deeper into:


+ Adrenal Indicators (Discover how stress and metabolic chaos is affecting the different systems in your body and where your weaknesses are!)

 + Adrenal Causes (What are the key areas in your life you need to get into balance)

+ Thyroid indications (Are you experiencing any thyroid imbalance symtoms)

+ Hormone Indications (What is your hormonal balance looking like in terms of symptoms)

+ Medical History (Is there anything that runs in the family that we need to be aware of, that could give us further clues?)

When I receive all of this information back, you will be invited to book your call. In our 90 mins together I will ask you further questions about your health, about where you are now and where you want to be.  This allows me to start to formulate some focus areas and hopefully identify some quick wins.

As a FDN, I am here to guide you to uncover your personal situation and piece it together, enabling me to suggest a path forward, so that you can get back to being you again.

You will leave this session knowing where your weak areas are and what you might want to do about them, what functional tests would be useful for you to run and also what would be the best path forward for you.

From here you may decide to jump into my Menopause SOS Method™ Functional Health Programme that includes functional testing, individualised results and recommendations and 10 modules of all you need to know on how to get to the root cause of your health imbalances and get back to being your best version.  This programme empowers you with the tools and knowledge to take care of yourself through burnout, peri menopause, menopause and beyond. 

Group MenoWise™ Mental Fitness Programme

I find so many women lose their confidence around Menopause. Often it is around perimenopause, when you are confused as to why you have all these unexplained symptoms. 

Many women find themselves feeling more overwhelmed, having brain fog, more anxiety and just less resilient to stress. This could cause them to have increasing negative thoughts, think about leaving their careers, relationships or making other big life decision from a place of fear and not flow.

MenoWise™ mental fitness is a group programme that helps you to rebuild your confidence, reduce stress and anxiety and make decisions from a feeling of flow not fear. 

  • When we are stressed we activate our sympathetic nervous system and the limbic part of the brain - this is a stress response, when in stress response, we become forgetful, overwhelmed, panic breath, which then leaves us with anxiety for hours. 
  • As hormonal changes take hold, old unresolved trauma can start to come up and you can feel yourself getting angry and stepping in to self sabotaging behaviour. 
  • Did you know we all have key saboteaurs (negative inner critic thoughts that hold us back, keep us in a stress pattern and prevent us from being our best version?
  • Are you feeling a loss of purpose and clarity in your life?
  • Anxiety and overwhelm?

As a mental fitness coach, this programme helps you to increase your positive IQ. Yes increase positivity and happiness in life. 

If you want to find out which Saboteaurs are holding you back and what percentage your current positive IQ. Click TELL ME MORE below.  



Emotional Coaching

If you are struggling emotionally in Menopause, you may benefit from some Emotional Coaching.

Alot of women that I have worked with have shared that they have experienced the following in Menopause:

  • Grief, anger, loneliness.
  • Old memories of trauma arising.
  • Now knowing how to cope with friends announcing pregnancies.
  • Feeling loss of purpose.
  • Low energy and low mood.
  • Anxiety and overwhelm.
  • In Early Menopause friends don't understand as they are not going through menopause yet, so working with a coach that understands where you are can be really supportive.
  • Feeling overwhelmed in menopause and can't cope with their jobs anymore!

Emotional stress & early childhood trauma can surface around menopause, which has been shown to cause autoimmune disease in adult life. (Early Ovarian Failure is autoimmune in nature).

I find that ladies who work on both the physical and emotional sides of their health have the most success in healing. When we get to menopasue it is literally a time to pause to take stock of your life and reset to move forward, through the next years of our life.

I work with different modalities in these sessions,  The Journey by Brandon Bays, EFT, Emotional Matrix, NPA and self kindness along with breathwork. 


+ 3 x 2 hour coaching sessions

Valid for 2 months, ideally we have one every other week.

Each session is done over Skype or Zoom and you will need to be in a private space during the session for your privacy and so you can relax fully.  I work with ladies globally with Menowise Emotional Coaching.

Menowise™ Mental Fitness Group

Are you struggling with stress, increased anxiety, and overwhelm?

Do you almost want to give up your job or relationship because of it? 

It time to knock your sabotaging behaviours, old beliefs and negative thoughts that feed anxeity on the head. This 6 weeks Mental Fitness programme maybe just what you are looking for!


Menopause SOS Method™

Functional Testing & 1-1 sessions

Individualised results and recommendations

10 deep dive modules packed with all the juicy tips and tricks to taking care of your self through burnout, menopause and beyond.