Non Toxic skin care - I have been using miessence for the past 6 years and I have not found anything that is cleaner. These products are food grade organic, with no chemical toxins. As I don't know about you but I don't have time to make my own. I use all the haircare, skin care and bug spray and love it. Make sure you tick the box import at checkout.


The Berkey Water Filter, one of the big recommendations I make to my clients is around the quality of the water they drink, this is such a important foundational health piece. Tap water is full of Chlorine, can have added fluoride depending where you live, has been found to contain remnants of antibiotics, heavy metals and pesticides. The berkey is a counter top filter that filters all the bad stuff out but leaves in your minerals and if you know me you know Im a big fan of balanced minerals. You really do notice the difference when you drink water from the Berkey it actually mages you want to drink. Dehydration causes so many symptoms of its own so drink 6-8 glasses of pure filtered water is recommended daily. The filters last years too, so over time it does work our cheaper than buy bottled water or using other filters.


Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis:  You can purchase this as an intial way of working on your health. You also don't need to have a Menopause MOT first.  You can just dive right in here. Minerals are the foundation to you health and energy levels. They are essential for bone health, heart health and preventing headaches, anxiety, joint pains & restless legs. This package includes:

+ 1 x Hair Mineral Test

+1 x Adrenal Stress & Causes Assessment

+ 1 x 30 minute Coaching call online

+ 1 x individualised report and supplementation recommendations

Purchase here and you will receive further instructions, this is available globally.

BUY NOW £197

Food Intolerance Testing:  This gold standard test won the best food intolerance test of 2019

It is a simple at home finger prick test. You can buy this without having to have a consultation with me. As the results come with an easy to understand report. Red (avoid) Orange (cut out for a couple of month) Green.

I do look at your results though and make a comment on the test when I email your results back. I may even make further recommendations for you depending on what comes up. You also receive a guide with the results.  The kit will take about 5-7 days to arrive and then results usually are back within 10 days of being received by the lab.

This tests for over 200 food and drinks. See a sample of the report with the list of foods and drinks on here

This test is for UK only. It is not suitable for people who are taking immunosuppressants or children under 2 yrs old.

BUY NOW £249