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Early Menopause Coach

Hi Gorgeous,

I am Michelle Robinson your Early Menopause Coach & Burnout Guide. I support women to transform through Early Menopause and my mission is; to not just get you surviving, but thriving, through this time of change.


Early Menopause, Early Menopause Coach, Early Ovarian Failure. Dutch Test

Early Menopause, Early Menopause Coach, Early Ovarian Failure. Dutch Test

Why, because I have been where you are, diagnosed with Early Ovarian Failure at the age of 36, just before my 37th birthday ( I still call it Early Menopause, because I hate a part of my body to think that it has failed me, it just doesn’t seem like good energy to put on it.) I was shocked. Like literally! All I could see were the consultants lips moving, all I heard were scary words, like heart disease and bone loss and  that I was categorically not going to mother my own child.  Then the word “would you like some counselling?” appears …. I hesitate, not because I don’t want the support, believe me I know I really need it right now. But because, I already had access to colleagues and techniques that would  heal my broken heart. But I say Yes.  Because I want to know, I want to experience, what is out there for woman who are walking this path.

I leave the consultant room, I am devastated. Why? Because I haven’t had my baby yet! I had even named her, I just never met the right guy in time to birth her. I know, I can adopt or have artificial insemination. I know my friends are going to tell me “You don’t want kids really, they are hard work” or ” you can have mine” or ” really menopause, noooooo don’t be silly you are far too young” (actually I didn’t know the insane, unfeeling things friends were going to come out with, when I shared my news) However, I do forgive them and do realise that they were just trying to be helpful and that inappropriate words pop out in awkward moments. I can look back and laugh now, but back then I was raw.

Which is why I say to you, if you are heart broken you are going through early menopause (for some of you, this won’t be the case) then wait to announce it to the World.

Then there was the whole world of Menopause. All I knew was women get moody and have hot sweats. I hadn’t researched into this area. Afterall I wasn’t going to be going through this for at least another 10-15 years. Early Menopause didn’t run in my family, so I hadn’t suspected it.

Though I have to say, I was a stress head at work. I had, had a dodgy Menstrual Cycle since I was a teenager, so when my period became lighter, shorter, missed a month… came back, missed another month. I just thought I was stressed!  Then the brain fog, fatigue and night sweats started. I still didn’t suspect. I was oblivious. I was overlooking the obvious.

Ladies, what I am trying to say is, if you are noticing changes in your cycle and are anxious or its been suggested you are going through Early Menopause then get yourself some help. Don’t ignore it. I love the dutch test personally, you can read about it in my Early menopause guide & I don’t say this because I offer this service. I say it, because I wish I had got one in my 20s when my hormones were all vibrant and at their best. So I had, had a baseline. Then when things started to go a bit south I may have caught on earlier and been able to support my body. Would I have avoided Early Menopause who knows, but what I do know is. If you are super stressed out, if you are not healthy, if you have any underlying infections festering. They will probably surface around this time.  This is why so many woman struggle with menopausal symptoms and turn to HRT, Potions and lotions to get them through. Don’t get me wrong some can be helpful for woman and some can be not.

What I have found in my own experience is, feeling and releasing my emotions with a coach really helped. Because after one 20 minute session in said counselling session above. I quickly found out that they were just there to work out my options. Not help me through the emotional side.
(Unless I was feeling suicidal)

” You are not suicidal are you? ”  No, I am not suicidal I am sad! ” Oh Well that will pass” .  Yes of course it will pass. But I knew my body had taken this news on like a trauma, I also knew that stored trauma has an annoying way of manifesting illnesses, so I didn’t want to be harbouring it. So I wanted to feel my grief and work through it, I wanted support. It was clear these counselling sessions were not where I was going to get it. I needed another way… to be continued

I have been working with many woman now breakthrough burnout by getting to the root of hormone and digestive issues in my virtual clinic at www.chasingvitality.com. I am trained in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN), which is like the bridge between self care and medical care. FDN uses the principles of functional medicine to support the body as a whole. When your body is imbalanced, symptoms and dis-ease appear. By bringing the body back into balance, we heal and grow. I will explain more in future blogs and on instagram so if you are not following me give me a follow at #earlymenopausecoach

I have so much to say, that I can’t possibly cram it into one blog so stay tuned!

Big love,

Michelle xx